End of a whirlwind month

VMware provides some good opportunities to meet and interact with all the smart people within the company. The TechSummit is one such event where all the brains are under one roof, sharing knowledge, ideas and discussing the “what’s next” for the great technologies that the company develops.This year I was lucky to participate in the TechSummit Season, yes you heard it right TechSummit Season. This year we held events in cities across the globe, bringing people together according to their regions.

I was one of the presenters for the NSX Livefire sessions scheduled. Starting from home in Melbourne, Australia and making trips to Macau, London and Toronto for the summit and a quick trip to Palo Alto for a round of VCDX-NV Defenses as a panelist.

So what did I present and what did I learn. Well I was delivering session(s) on NSX-T integration with Kubernetes. The preparation allowed me to start looking at K8s and got me intrigued to learn more about it. Only time will tell how deep I go into that world, but for now I think I am quite interested and will continue to explore. NSX-T, well what can I say … I am excited with the product and all the possibilities and doors it will open for the customers going forward.

The month was exciting, filled with learning and tiring as well. Hats of to my wife for managing the house and 3 girls (the youngest one is just 6 month old) while I was out. Basically making trips back home on weekends to do the laundry and see the girls. By the time the month ended, I was a visitor and my youngest one refused to come to me, because she sort of figured out that she will sleep and when she wakes up, I will probably be gone again.

I think I should stop writing now and get back to my family and spend some quality time with them, now that I have returned from my “around the world in 30 days” trip.

Until the next post …

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