Using OCI Load Balancer to Publish App on OCVS to the Internet

Once you have deployed your workloads on Oracle Cloud VMware Solution, the most important aspect is for your users to access the application(s) deployed in your newly deployed VMware SDDC on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure. In my previous post, we discussed the steps you will need to perform in order to connect your OCVS environment to

Oracle Cloud VMware Solution – Networking Quick Actions Part-1: Overview

In my previous posts, I discussed the Oracle Cloud VMware Solution and the related provisioning process. We also looked at the L2 networking for OCVS. The next step in your VMware journey on Oracle Cloud is establishing connectivity to your resources in other environments; on-prem, on OCI or other Oracle Services. OCVS provides a set


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Faisal Hasan is a Senior Principal Product Manager at Oracle working in the Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Engineering Org. He works closely with customers to accelerate their journey to Cloud with Enterprise-grade Cloud Solutions and Architectures. His key technology focus is on multi-cloud, virtualization and cloud networking / security.